Week One With WUMW


This week the WUMW radio group members got together numbers and communicated that way for the week. Well, at least for me. I had to miss our group meeting due to work. However, my group members Geoff, Crystal, and Anne got to get together to start gathering our ideas. They were very great with keeping me updated and informed with what they were planning and I even got to put in my ideas via text. All of our scripts and ideas are in a Google Doc that way we can all give our input. This week we are choosing some music to put in for our buffers and breaks.

This week I decided I would come up with a fun logo to describe the upcoming news report that WUMW Radio has for the listeners. I wanted to steer away from the serious side so I created more of a playful side to the “zombies”. I am very excited to see what all my group puts together in the next week!


1 thought on “Week One With WUMW”

  • I listened to y’alls radio station with my group, Alt-F4 and we absolutely loved it! We really liked the songs that were played as well. How did you guys decide what music to include? The only thing I would suggest revising is the the vocal volume as it was a little hard to hear what was being said. My group also had issues making sure our vocals were heard, but we found that using the amplify effect in Audacity works very well. Also, I love the graphic you made! Where did you find the pen style border for it?

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