Casey Spanitz

Through the Lens of Week 4

Wow week 4 already. I have to say this week was a lot better than the last. This week we got to show our work through pictures and this is something I had a lot of fun with. One of my favorite daily creates this week was designing a hot pocket a zombie would eat. This was fun but at the same time it was making my hungry because staring at a hot pocket while you are trying to edit it makes you hungry. Anyways the hot pocket I created was Pepperoni and Cheese Brains. I would never eat this but I now will store these in my freezer so I can toss them to the zombies when they’re hungry.

This week I spent most of my time trying to learn more about photography as I completed my work. The PhotoBlitz we had to do really helped me apply the tips for better photography. Even though we only had twenty minutes to complete this assignment I still found myself with a different perspective and focusing on the contrast of the images.

I also spent more of my time watching the assigned films. Mad Max and La Jetêe. I wanted to spend more time on these films because these choice of movies are ones I would never chose for myself to watch. I found myself really paying attention during these films to try and figure out how they were different than todays animation films.

I would have to say my 6 star assignments this week were a lot better than last weeks. Last week the prompts were harder for me on the creativity side. I had to think and plan out each assignment last week where as this week I felt a lot more confident with my work. One of my favorite pieces of work I created this week was the image I had to create showing the eye of someone and what they were viewing. I decided to come up with a little made up story showing an eye viewing a zombie.


(Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not?)

I would say no. For something to be considered a story you need a plot line and details. A story can’t just be made into a 10 second clip.

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