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Third Times The Charm

This week I must say was very busy but at the end of it I felt very accomplished. I’ve had a hard time staying on top of the daily post and readings. I finally learned how to navigate around WordPress so I was more on top of things. There was also a lot of writing we had to complete this week which I am not used to but I actually enjoyed it. I felt like I had a different reflection to look forward to each day. Most of the assignments were fun to complete so it made the week go by faster.

My favorite activity was by far the Amazon Review. As I am typing in my search for a zombie sword I laugh to myself thinking about the review that I am going to be writing for all these other amazon customers to read. They probably will be looking at the comment like, is this girl okay?

I chose to read A boy and His Dog, and There Will Come Soft Rain. I really enjoyed the short story reflections because if we weren’t assigned to read those stories I don’t think I would have ever come across the two stories. The reflections made me really focus on what was going on in the story that was being told. I thought it was interesting to see how I thought about one vs the other and compare how they were different.


Question of the week:

In the event of an apocalypse, I think that I would be one to share my supplies with those who need. There’s nothing more that I love than giving to others. I am a very caring girl who loves to give so I find it hard to believe that I would hoard all of my supplies from ones who need. It would be hard for me to watch my friends and family suffer while I’m okay.

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