Casey Spanitz

I (barely) Survived Week 1 Boot Camp

Sooo week one was a little rough for me. I thought I was technologically savvy but  I am way wrong. Always room for improvement!

Anyways I am very excited to learn different ways of technology. Ive never blogged before so I am excited to be able to put all my thoughts and what I learn somewhere for everyone to see. Ive been waiting for this class to start because who doesn’t love storytelling? Storytelling has been around for so long and never will get old. Especially  with the theme of the course. I can’t wait to see everyones blog post and what they think the end has to offer.

As far as my personal relationship with apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction goes. I really don’t have any. It may sound weird but I honestly had no interest in apocalyptic fiction before I started this course. It never really was my type. With having done a few of the assignments I really enjoy it and can see why everyone loves watching these types of things.

Zombie apocalypse sounds the most interesting to me. I find my self using zombies more than anything. I am really interested to see where the apocalypse leads me and wether i’ll grow on more of the apocalyptic theme to survive The End.

I cannot wait to see what all the rest of this course has to offer me and I promise I will get better at this whole blogging thing. May the odds be in your favor.



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