WUMW Radio Reflection

Last week my Group WUMW Radio was streamed. It was a very fun experience to have it streamed live and have other viewers to be able to listen to it from home.

The process my group went through was a bit tough due to all of us having busy schedules. My group members Anne, Geoff, and Crystal got to meet up the week before Spring Break to collaborate our ideas. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend because of work. However, it worked out fine. My group members and I had a Google Doc where we put our ideas.

Over Break we all wrote our own scripts to our part we were assigned. Once we were back at school we met twice during the week and once on the weekend. We had planned the first night we would record and the second night we would edit our media. Things didn’t go as planned and that was okay because we were smart and met at the beginning of the week so we had time to make some adjustments.

The first night we got there we all read over our scripts and agreed they all worked out. We were all ready to record but it took us over 2 hours to try and figure out how to work the recording booth. LOL. Thanks to Geoff he met with someone in his free time to learn what we were doing wrong and of course we were making it a lot harder than it really was.

So the second night turned into the first night (recording) and the third day turned into the second (editing).

I was really surprised with how well things came together for my group. We all collaborated very well together and it was like we all knew what we wanted our radio show to be about since the first night we met.

This was a very different and fun assignment. I am glad we got to meet with people from our class rather then everything being online.

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