Casey Spanitz

Short Story with Random Words

One day sitting in math class I doze off into an official day dream. It began with a dragon and its master walking down a trail. They stumbled upon an anonymous bottle with a rolled-up piece of paper inside of it. The master instinctly opened the bottle and read the paper. It read “Dear whomever may find this, you have the chance to gain empowerment of your city. You must create an agenda and follow it with the up most accuracy to fulfill your destiny.” So the master and the dragon went along to follow the agenda they created. First on the list was to get rid of the filth of their city. They didn’t take any time on this they found the camp of their enemies and blasted an explosion while their enemies were asleep. The master and his dragon continued to complete their tasks. The last thing they had to do was make a crater so the city could use this for a water source when it rained. This was difficult for them to complete because they’ve never done this before. Until the dragon started to breathe fire and work his magic. All of a sudden, the crater was formed but the master and the dragon began to notice somethings crawling out of the hole that was just made. The master looked closer and noticed they were zombies crawling out of the hole. He immediately jumped on his dragon. The dragon began to fight a few off but had no more energy to breathe his fire. The dragon flew away with his master, they were sad with defeat. They did not get the empowerment of the city. It was official the zombies had gained the empowerment of the city.

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