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Short Story Readings

There Will Come Soft Rain

I just read both of my short stories. The first story I read was There Will Come Soft Rain by Ray Bradbury. This short story was actually written in the 50’s. I was surprised by how Bradbury wrote about the description of todays and future technology and how close he was especially with him writing this in the 50’s.

One thing that drew me in was how Bradbury used a back drop of a nuclear blast painting/picture of what happened to the family, the house and the areas around. Bradbury also described the time or schedule of how the house worked day to day very clearly for the reader to understand.

After reading this story it made me question if he wrote this in the time when nuclear war was at a high and the people were in a panic. I also was shocked when the dog died due to starvation. I would have never expected that to happen due to the house having food. I liked how Bradbury made the house still “live on” even though the family hasn’t been there for quite some time.

What I took away from this story is technology is taking over in a sense robots or zombies may be. Technology is a work of its own and it doesn’t need anyone. But no matter what life will live on with or without you.

A Boy and His Dog

My second short story I chose to read was A Boy and His Dog by Harlan Ellison. I have to say I was not expecting the story to be how it was. I chose this story because of the title, but you know they say “You can’t always judge a book by it cover.” Anyways Ellison did surprise me on this story.

This story is narrated by a teenaged boy named Vic. He has a telepathic dog named Blood. The story was set in 2024 post apocalypse. Ellison puts two civilizations of survivors in his story, those are the ones above ground and the ones below. This was kind of difficult for me to understand at first until I began reading into it more. Vic lives above ground in the wreckage and is “solo” that means he is not a member of the gangs.

One thing I enjoyed was when Vic told his dog blood to go find him a woman. I mean hey I wish my dog could find me a man. Just kidding! A big point in the story was when Vic and Blood stumble into the underground society. Ellison did a good job creating suspense and pulling me into wanting to read on.

I really enjoyed this story for the most part because it was post apocalypse and I haven’t read a post apocalypse story before. The author kept me entertained for the whole story and it allowed me to enjoy the piece better.


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