Reading and Resource Reflection

Watching the videos of Abumrad were very eye opening. Everyone should take the time to watch these videos. What he said I could relate so much too. Making an audio story is more than just speaking into a micro phone.
Audio story telling includes noises and pauses to amplify your point or add some idea’s. You have to use your words to create graphic images for the audience to allow them to tune in to the point the speaker / host is trying to address.

Abumrad did a good job on giving examples by saying if you are telling a story over the radio you aren’t using any specific descriptions, it is going to be hard for your audience to imagine that the picture in their head while you are telling the story. I also agree with him on saying that the radio is not dead. I will say most of the time I listen to music on my own phone but I enjoy just listening to some of the radio shows.

I also found the audio resource page very helpful. I use sound cloud a lot but I never knew some of the things I found out on the page so I am very excited to continue using sound cloud for this class. I also found out that you can check out equipment from the HCC and I feel it’ll be very useful for this class. Overall I felt the videos and the resource page will be used multiple times.


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