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Mad Max:

This week I decided to watch the movie Mad Max. I Chose this movie because I have seen Mad Man Fury Road but never the Original. It was surprisingly really different and I enjoyed the original even more because it is crazy how the animations of movies have really changed throughout the years. In this original In a self-destructing world, a  Australian policeman sets out to stop a violent motorcycle gang. Here is a short gif summing up the main characters goal.

La Jetée:

La Jetêe was an interesting short film told mostly through a series of photos and with a voice over narration. La Jetée is about a man in post World War III who was sent back in time. He constantly has two recurring images of his youth. The first is when he was a young boy on the observation deck at an airport where he saw a man shot and killed. The second image is that of a beautiful woman. Both images are of great importance to him as he learns just who and what they are.  I really enjoyed how the film was only 30 minutes long because I felt as if I payed attention the whole time. I would never have thought I would enjoy a short film like this but I am glad I actually sat down and spent time to watch this film from start to finish.

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