Casey Spanitz

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being my best friend and my mom. Yes, our fights are arguments. You’ve taught me to be strong and to be myself. You were always there to push me to be better, give me life advise. You never gave up on me and you always encouraged me to do better. I finally admit you were always right. I should have listened to you more.  You’ve always been one of my biggest role models. Here I am 21 years old writing to you today my junior year of college to say thank you and I love you more than you know. I am currently on lockdown due to the zombie apocalypse that is going on here on campus.

I know your first instinct will be you want to drive here right away to protect me. But please don’t. I think I have this one under control this time, yes just this one time. I have all the essentials I will need. I even purchased a zombie killer axe the other day!

I can’t promise you what is going to happen. But you’ve taught me to be strong and so much more in life so I can promise you that I will be strong. I ask for you not to worry. You always told me not to take life for granted so here I am ready to battle on my own.

I thank you for having confidence in me and knowing I got this. You have taught me everything   I need to know to get through this and survive. And I can say if I don’t survive, and the zombies eat me, I had the best life and I will be a kick ass zombie.

So with that said. Please stay inside. I love you mom.

– Casey

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