Casey Spanitz

Bucket List

  • Travel to Greece:

Greece is a beautiful country. I would love to see the culture they have there and get to experience a day in the life of a Greek.

  • Open a gym:

I have worked at a gym for 2 years now and have loved to workout my entire life. I would love to start up my own gym to help change the lives of others like the gyms i’ve gone to or worked at have done for me.

  • Cross country trip:

I think it would be so awesome to drive across the country pin point the main states and drive from start to finish.

  • Complete a marathon:

I have done many races 5miles, 8miles. But I would love to push myself to train for a marathon. Cause wow that’s a lot of miles.

  • Go on a safari :

I have always had the love for animals. I watch planet earth all the time for fun so I think it’d be amazing to see these animals in real life in their natural habitat.

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