Month: March 2018

WUMW Radio Reflection

Last week my Group WUMW Radio was streamed. It was a very fun experience to have it streamed live and have other viewers to be able to listen to it from home. The process my group went through was a bit tough due to all…

Week 9

Week 9 was very much needed. I felt like I’ve had some time to get caught up. This was nice due to everything finally coming to a wrap soon. All my other classes are just as busy but I’m glad we got to catch a…

Week One With WUMW


This week the WUMW radio group members got together numbers and communicated that way for the week. Well, at least for me. I had to miss our group meeting due to work. However, my group members Geoff, Crystal, and Anne got to get together to start gathering our ideas. They were very great with keeping me updated and informed with what they were planning and I even got to put in my ideas via text. All of our scripts and ideas are in a Google Doc that way we can all give our input. This week we are choosing some music to put in for our buffers and breaks.

This week I decided I would come up with a fun logo to describe the upcoming news report that WUMW Radio has for the listeners. I wanted to steer away from the serious side so I created more of a playful side to the “zombies”. I am very excited to see what all my group puts together in the next week!