Month: February 2018

Reading and Resource Reflection

Watching the videos of Abumrad were very eye opening. Everyone should take the time to watch these videos. What he said I could relate so much too. Making an audio story is more than just speaking into a micro phone. Audio story telling includes noises and…

Trickster Resume

My Character is the Trickster. Here is the resume I have created. Enjoy!

Thinking about Photos

After reading Tips for Better Photography it really did open my eyes up on how to take pictures differently. The sub headings for the tips caught my eye and really related to what I would like to start doing as I take pictures. Below I will list the top ones I am going to focus on more. I will definitely be bookmarking this page to look back to for help and inspiration!

Get Pickier:

  • Spend more time on pre composing
  • Think about what it is I want to capture before I snap the picture

Better Contrast Makes Better Stories:

  • Look for things that don’t belong together
  • Look for near and far perspective

Change my Perspective:

  • Find different points of view
  • Look up, look down

Create Depth:

  • Look for ways to add dimension

Get Balanced:

  • Becoming more intentional about creating and playing with balance in your images will help you create images that more intentionally express what you have to say

Pay Attention to the Moment:

  • Slow down, Be more aware of the action in a scene, trying to anticipate the moment of something interesting before it happens


On the Abandoned America website, I chose to look through  Cedar-Shade-Resort   Gallery. I have to say I was instantly drawn to the central points of these photos. At first look I was drawn in by what was going on in these photos but then the details of each photo became different. The photographer Matthew Christopher does an excellent job with the contrast in his images and creating a different depth on each photo. Even though these photos were a bit dark he still managed to add the color in his photos showing the blue sky or the greenish water of the pool. You can tell Christopher pays attention to the moment when he is capturing his photos because every picture he captures has many details in them.


This assignment was super fun to me. I am glad I got to read the tips for better photography before I took my photos. This photo blitz got me to explore a little bit down town where I live and capture what is around. Below are the 7 photos I was assigned to take. I

  1. Here is a camera setting or filter I was unaware my camera had. I thought this filter fit the mood of this picture well. It showed the old time effect and dreariness of the day
  2. A close up photo of a unique texture. I chose this small succulent cactus. The texture through the lens of my camera made the thorns of this image pop. 
  3. The theme is blue. I chose to take a picture of a recycling bin. I like to recycle, it’s a simple way to help the environment. 
  4. A photo of advertising painted on a building. This is the closest advertisement painted on a building I could find. I figured it was promoting the Old Mill District. 
  5. A beautiful picture of something rusted. I chose to capture this picture of a rusted fence. I felt as if all the colors in this photo came together. 
  6. Someone else’s artwork. This is a statute/ figure I came across walking downtown. 
  7. Contrast between an object and its shadow. Due to the cloudy weather the only thing that I found that had a shadow was this pepper shaker. 

Through the Lens of Week 4

Wow week 4 already. I have to say this week was a lot better than the last. This week we got to show our work through pictures and this is something I had a lot of fun with. One of my favorite daily creates this…

Films, Reflections, and GIFs

Mad Max: This week I decided to watch the movie Mad Max. I Chose this movie because I have seen Mad Man Fury Road but never the Original. It was surprisingly really different and I enjoyed the original even more because it is crazy how…

Can You See What I See?

Can You See What I See?


Just the other day I was talking to my room mate when all of a sudden she wouldn’t respond back to me. I began nudging her saying Madison, Madison. I then realized she was caught staring at something. She tried to explain to me later of what she had seen. She swore she was seeing a girl reaching for her to help her. I asked her to describe the girl to me and she said “No Casey, you won’t understand, it was a zombie not just a normal girl.” I quietly laughed to myself but I know I had been hearing things about how the end was near I just wasn’t ready to believe the zombies may have found my house. Stay tuned….

My Favorite Photo

This picture. I love it. It comforts me and takes my breathe away. I am from Virginia Beach and there is no place I would rather live. I am just a short walk away from the beach so I am lucky enough to see all…

Third Times The Charm

This week I must say was very busy but at the end of it I felt very accomplished. I’ve had a hard time staying on top of the daily post and readings. I finally learned how to navigate around WordPress so I was more on…

Bucket List

  • Travel to Greece:

Greece is a beautiful country. I would love to see the culture they have there and get to experience a day in the life of a Greek.

  • Open a gym:

I have worked at a gym for 2 years now and have loved to workout my entire life. I would love to start up my own gym to help change the lives of others like the gyms i’ve gone to or worked at have done for me.

  • Cross country trip:

I think it would be so awesome to drive across the country pin point the main states and drive from start to finish.

  • Complete a marathon:

I have done many races 5miles, 8miles. But I would love to push myself to train for a marathon. Cause wow that’s a lot of miles.

  • Go on a safari :

I have always had the love for animals. I watch planet earth all the time for fun so I think it’d be amazing to see these animals in real life in their natural habitat.

Short Story with Random Words

One day sitting in math class I doze off into an official day dream. It began with a dragon and its master walking down a trail. They stumbled upon an anonymous bottle with a rolled-up piece of paper inside of it. The master instinctly opened…